Welcome to BrainThemePark-Puerto Rico Tours

Thanks for moving on… It’s all about your brain powers

Puerto Rico’s tourism events we bring you will improve your life. We believe in the human being to adapt, repair and improve far more than is believe possible by the masses.

Food intake, fasting, social involvement, physical activities and entertainment are factors we integrate on your events.

Crafted by millions of years of evolution, the biochemical wizardry of our nutrient sensors makes a mockery of our comparatively dull brain that can only say ‘Look like food to Grok. Grok eat.’ But we don’t need to understand all the complicated biology to gain the benefits. We can begin to regain some of our lost ancient wisdom by following the ancient food tradition of taking a break from eating once in a while. Give yourself a chance to digest the food you’ve eaten. Intermittent fasting. Boom.

Hi, my name is Walter Rivera Santos, founder of BrainThemePark. I search for Puerto Rico’s unique tourism events and bring them to your attention for you to plan and enjoy.

Your tourism related questions are welcome. Send them to pr@waltersites.con.

Thanks and enjoy Puerto Rico’s best.