Vaca Negra, Inc. was founded by microbiologist Wanda I. Otero Flores.

A local company, Hatillo, Puerto Rico, already ten years old (2018), modern and proactively marketed as a superior quality line of local fresh milk products. 

Here’s a Spanish interview done by AjiTerapia LLC  podcast.

The cheeses created at Vaca Negra are based on French Beaufort and Spanish Manchego. As of 2018, there are five on production, all named in honor to local milk production neighborhoods.






High quality yogurts featuring intact micronutrients since they are not pasteurize,

a healthier alternative where wholeness and freshness are a baseline.

Worldwide recognized aged Vaca Negra cheese;

“Summer Fancy Food Show” en Washington 2011

Named by Huffington Post as the ninth richest product you must try where over 180,000 products where presented.

Food Fair 2012

International Food and Beverages Show, in Barcelona, Spain.

Hours of Operation:


Phone: (787) 458-6345
Phone: (787) 262-5656

Tours  Spanish / English

BrainThemePark 855-464-8434

Cheese Making Tour at Vaca Negra, Hatillo, Puerto Rico

Tour Vaca Negra

Heciendo queso Capáez en Vaca Negra

Posted by Walter Rivera Santos on Sunday, February 11, 2018