Advancing Your Life With a Stabilized Gold Based Economy and Great Health

Any World Currencies, fiat or commodities, are Worth as Much as People Value Them

It is a fact that gold prices soar in times of uncertainty, but where growth is occurring and where wealth is held has changed.

The wealth of the 1/10th of 1% is similar to 90% of the population, which is the same as the 1935-1940 period. One factor is the lack of saving by most people. Are you in that category? Credit cards debts, auto, business and student loans, rent and/or mortgages! Add them up. How much is left for savings?

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Your personal economic principles will make or break your finances. Here’s how to fix it fast and properly.



  • Invest short term
  • Acquire productive land
  • Keep an open eye for deals you can do a fast profit from.

Where you stand now is not as important as what you want to make off your life.

In 5 to 10 years the population changes (demographics) will cut on the means to pay pensions, healthcare, and debt promises. Technological advances will affect employment and the wealth gap are likely to intensify.

Come to your very own conclusions base on your personal life. Think! AskWalter 855-464-8434 how to move forward, steadily and purposely. Be happy!


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Nugget to think about

True gold value is based on scarcity. Once we find quantities of gold it will lose value. Now, food, water, and shelter are a permanent requirement, a life or death value!

Robert Kiyosaki

im Rickards, New York Times’ Best-Selling Author of The Death Of Money and The New Case For Gold presents at As Good As Gold Australia’s 2017